This Is Who We Are

Igor Gutiérrez is the owner of Theflyshades, an online company in pursuit of preservation and innovation for these unique 'space era' fly sunglasses. We are based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Our fly sunglasses were popular back in the 1970s, where big frames became stylish. After that, they seemed to be forgotten. In 1991, U2 released their ‘Achtung Baby’ album. Draped in his new alter-ego “The Fly” Bono captured the public’s attention with his amazing, one of a kind glasses.

Since that time, many sunglass manufacturers have reintroduced larger sunglass styles, but none that ever matched the mystique of our fly shades. We’re really proud to keep these fantastic sunglasses “alive”. Our effort is no other than to preserve their beautiful and unique design, for many years.