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Achtung Baby


"Achtung Baby" & Us

In 1991, U2 released their seventh studio album “ACHTUNG BABY”, which became one of the band’s most successful records. Staged in support of their new sound, the “ZOO TV” tour visited arenas and stadiums around the world during 1992 and 1993. Draped in his new alter-ego “The Fly”, Bono captured the public’s attention with his amazing, one-of-a-kind “fly” sunglasses. Since that time, many sunglass manufacturers have reintroduced larger “fly” sunglass models, but none have ever matched the mystique of the “Viking” 1973 style. Bono made our sunglasses the most iconic fashion item in U2’s career.

Below these lines, the Achtung baby Über deluxe box set opened, including the pair we produced for U2 in 2011, in one piece with the ‘THE FLY’ logo (Bono’s trademark) on the left arm. The “Viking 1973” sunglass in black color has become popular since and has received names such as ‘THE FLY’ sunglasses, “ÜBER” fly shades, or ‘ACHTUNG BABY’ fly sunglasses. Visit for more details.


For Collectors

These were made for collectors only and included in the ``über`` deluxe box set, for the 20th anniversary of U2's ``Achtung Baby``.



The ``Über`` sunglasses were produced in one-piece, upon request, and in extremely dark black colour, not for daily use, again only for collectors.


``Über`` ?

``Über`` is a German language word. U2's organization used this term, in order to refer our ``Viking1973`` model simply because of the deluxe box version.


Viking 1973

Our ``Viking1973`` sunglass style is the EXACT SAME MODEL as the ``Über`` version, just that ``Vikings`` are foldable, for daily use. Visit our Shop to order them!


``Achtung Baby``

In 2011, when U2 filmed their documentary ``From the sky down``, Bono requested us two pairs of the Viking 1973 model, for himself.


Limited Edition

Limited quantities for the Über version of our Viking 1973 model were made. If you want a pair of these, visit our shop and order the foldable Viking 1973 in Black color, without the fly logo.