Zoo Tv Fly Sunglasses…

The truth behind

Many U2 fans even today, have the believe that Bono wore between 1991 and 1993 the same pair of fly shades during his alter-ego The Fly. If you still think so then “everything you know is wrong”. In fact, he wore two different models of fly shades.

First style of fly shades: Viking 1973 model

This pair of fly shades Bono only wore them in dark brown color and is the same pair you see in U2’s THE FLY video. Pityfully, Bono broke his pair right on the nose bridge part. This fly sunglass style is beautiful, gorgeous and unique… its lines, forms, ovaled lenses.. perfect design.

Second style of fly shades: Spartan 1968 model

This second pair appeared then as the fly shades in substitution of Bono’s broken first pair. The one he started to wear back in 1993 is a bit “bigger” fly model, when compared to the previous one.

So for the 1993 U2 tour (called Zooropa Tour) Bono needed another fly sunglasses to keep his character alive. Fortunately, his personal wardrobe found this alternate fly pair, which is also known because Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones, wore them back in the 60’s.

Cutler & Gross model

These glasses are the same brand, model and style Bono wore during “EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING”, “ONE” and “I’VE GOT YOU, UNDER MY SKIN” videos. He also wore them off stage during zoo tv / zooropa tour. They are from a very well known british brand of sunglasses.

Frames are black and lenses tinted in solid grey.   Manufactured in England. Model: 0276. Original cost: £249.99

cutler & gros 0276 zoo tv bono u2

The real fly sunglasses

These shades were a rarity for a long time and consequently very hard to find out items for many, many years

These glasses are the ones that the U2 organization offered through Propaganda magazine to its members back in the early 1990’s, shortly after Achtung Baby came out but also later during 2001 on their site. While not the real “Fly” glasses that Bono wore, they were U2 authorized merchandise.

They say “Fly” on the temples just past the lenses, and have “© 1993 NOT US LTD.” and “LICENSED U2 PRODUCT MADE IN IRELAND” molded into the inside of the temples.

In 2011, Bono asked us to include our fly sunglass model VIKING 1973 -in recognition of the genuine model he wore back in 1992- as a gift to all fans in the re release of U2’s Achtung Baby album, Über Deluxe box set edition.